Erin & Sean May 18th, 2013 English Inn & Resort



Erin is an artist. Can you tell? I mean just look at all these details, they are everywhere. It was easy to follow her lead on this wedding, I was thrilled when I saw her colour palette, deep, rich, black reds. Minty sage green. Creamy whites. What a treat to be able to work on this wedding with all the options at this time of year. Succulents took the centre stage, and we highlighted them with beautiful peonies, roses, lily of the valley to name a few.




The black parrot tulips made the whole look even more sophisticated, and they weren’t even on the original plan, we just happened to get them at the last minute. I have been coveting them for years and never was able to get my hands on them, so this was a real treat!

The tables were designed to include a combination of full arrangements, little silver pots filled with a gorgeous selection of succulents, and some etched glass bottles with white and soft grey blooms and foliage. The perfect compliment to all the details the Erin arranged.






Erin was simply beautiful, in her gorgeous lace dress, she was a so incredibly beautiful and this whole wedding was an amazing way to start the wedding season off with a bang. Thank you Sean and Erin for trusting me with your vision.













3 Responses to “Erin & Sean May 18th, 2013 English Inn & Resort”
  1. Jillian Poole says:

    Simply stunning…true elegance. Enjoyed every minute!

  2. Elva Poole says:

    This was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended

  3. susanne says:

    Congratulations Erin and Sean,

    The bride looked spectacular! as did the flower arrangements (also beautiful. Such a wide smile on your face… a good omen. All the best to both of you. A wedding graphic designer??? Awesome thought, definitely there’s a market for someone with your sensibilities and talent Erin.
    much love,

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