We usually just post photos of the end result of our work , but do you want a little peek of what goes into getting all of those perfect petals? Weeks before the big day, we are meeting with our floral supplier Mt. Newton Floral about where to get the best… rose, hydrangea, peony, fibre optic grass, ferns, and on and on. We consider local versus imported, the current quality, quantities and colours of various growers’ products and more. Thankfully we have an awesome friendship with the team at Mt. Newton so it’s not too painful–they go the extra mile for us because that’s who they are… and we bring them absurd amounts of chocolate and goodies.

For the most part, Mt. Newton gets us almost everything we use in terms of floral supply because they have access to local and imported products: whether it’s a flower from their farm or another local grower or a fiddlehead fern imported from Hawaii. We not only love the people at Mt. Newton and think they are the best at what they do, but we are happy to be supporting a family-owned and operated business located on the Saanich Peninsula. Here’s a look at their operation and what goes into getting those perfect flowers.


Vanessa going to check out what is coming into bloom on Mt. Newton’s flower farm with Ryan, who helps runs the family operation his father started in the 80s.DSC_2017 DSC_2001 DSC_2007 DSC_2010 DSC_2011Mt Newton100_0694100_0721

DSC_1942Some of the beautiful David Austen roses they brought in for us this week. Ryan and his dad, Michael, are up in the wee hours of the morning buying all kinds of product to the island from around BC, Washington, California and beyond.

DSC_1956Ryan inspecting Mt. Newton’s first sunflower of the season (they grow their own crops as well as bring in local and import products).

 If you’ve been following us for awhile, you might remember the pictures below from Ryan’s wedding–more than five years ago (we arranged the flowers). Funny story: Ryan and Britt came to our shop to talk about designs, and before Britt knew what was happening Ryan, Vanessa and Jenny were talking in flower lingo and had figured out exactly what she wanted for her bouquet (which–thankfully– turned out to be exactly what she wanted for her bouquet). Then for the big day, Ryan scooped up some good deals on beautiful flowers, threw Vanessa and Jenny in Britt’s parents’ garage for the day with the flowers and supplies and took off. We thought about walking out, but we like Britt too much so we set up the venue for her, cursed Ryan a lot, and then got over it when we saw how handsome he looked. (Kidding, Ryan is one of the nicest guys in the world). We were touched to be a part of their intimate wedding.  Here’s a look back:


Still after all these years, one of our favourite weddings. It was so beautiful in its simplicity. Our favourite part was when just as they were saying their vows, the sun came streaming through the poplar trees that lined the property.
(All wedding pictures courtesy of the lovely Karen McNeil.)


The bouquet was featured in WeddingBells and we still see these images in brides’ collections of inspiration.

brrec-015 brrec-020brrec-023brrec-009brrec-016 brrec-032 brrec-034brcer083Our silly, beautiful Jenny–and Vanessa’s arm…

DSC_1957And now there are these guys (Britt and Ryan’s twins), who love to “help” at the farm.

Now you know where all those beautiful petals come from!

Pretty cool way to start this year to have JuneBugWeddings.com list our little lavender farm shoot (in July) as one of their favourites of the entire year! Thanks to Jennifer Ballard PhotographyFrench Kiss EventsConscious Hair by ElenaMelanie Baird Makeup ArtistThe White Peony Bridal Boutique, Laura Lavender Calligraphy and Victoria Lavender Farm. Be sure to scroll to the end to see the little lamb that stole the hearts of everyone that day.

When I asked Shuna what her colour palette was she said, she didn’t really have one as she loved all colours, bright ones, cheerful ones, ones that harken spring. Her bouquet was just that, a riot of colours, in purples,oranges yellows and the main event the spectacular coral charm peony. Nothing pleases us more than being able to work with these beauty’ for the few short weeks they are available.

The mandate for the table centrepieces was more spring simplicity, we had wanted to use blooming branches, but with our long string of great weather we missed our window, so added some fresh fruit instead, grapes, apricots, and the first cherries of the season. Along with some foliage covered branches, small ferns, and lots of candles we made it work. What resulted was nothing short beautiful! What a treat to be able to design with other elements.

Shuna made a beautiful bride and it was pleasure working with her and her family on this lovely wedding








Totally smitten I am, smitten with two of the best people I have ever worked with. Bryn & Jeff, you had me at hello and I am still amaze we pulled it off given that all we did at our first meeting was laugh. Bryn is all heart and Jeff is all humour two of my top qualities, so this day was an expression of love and laughs from start to finish. It helped that me and everyone that is part of the Verbena team fell in fast love with these two and their families and friends as it made the preparations and creating all the more easy.

The palette was filled with greens, whites and touches of raspberry. Easy to do at this time of year, as the flowers are all in their prime right before the frosts of early fall start to turn them. The bouquets for Bryn and her lovely bridesmaid were a perfect combination of just that using some gorgeous rich red garden roses from the gardens of Starling Lane.

Bryn is a natural beauty, she shines and glows from within, and their is an absolute breathtaking quality to her that encompasses the essence of simplicity. So with that being the starting point, we filled the floral elements with an abundance of simple and lush blooms like hydrangeas, roses, pods, berries ferns and mosses. Gorgeous magnolia foliage with it’s rich hues of green and suede like brown were the base of all the arrangements.

The ceremony was flanked with a stunning display of all of these elements placed on two tables made of rustic wine barrels and wooden slabs milled by Bryn’s Dad.

Bryn made an entrance in her Dad’s red pick-up, one of the better ways to get to wedding I would say. A perfect glowing bride emerged from the truck with her beautiful friend Lisa and a beaming Trevor, ready to walk down the aisle. Such sweetness and love in these moments right before the ceremony. Bryn you couldn’t have been more beautiful!

Guests were treated to another feast from the amazing Dan & Micayla of the London Chef, they mingled in the beautiful garden’s of the Starling Lane Winery for cocktails prior the fabulous dinner reception at The Brentwood Bay Lodge & Spa.

The reception was decorated with more of the same rustic beauty as the ceremony. We created large “trees” of oak leaves to surround the space, it was a gorgeous way to mark the space. The tables were laid with gorgeous linens centrepieces created in beautiful cedar boxes made by Bryn’s Dad. Candles were everywhere and they were the perfect compliment to the gorgeous space and the setting sun over Brentwood Bay.


The wedding was beautifully “branded” and coordinated by the talented Roxanne Cave from Celebrate Whistler Events. It was great to be able to collaborate with her and her team. Her touches made everything come together seamlessly.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. French, thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking me and crew to be a small part of your fantastic day.