As summer has turned to fall, the last of the busy wedding season is trailing off and I am just coming up for air. Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging about my summer weddings and events including the lavender farm photo shoot in July, how colourful florals helped sell the executive Saanich house, Anjali & Alex’s wedding in July, Lori & Rob, Fazilat and Adrian in August, Steph and James’ autumnal-themed wedding in October, and the foliage-inspired wedding of Marena and Mike at the Empress in September. You will see and hear more about this wedding, but this was the event where I got to bring together all my favourite grasses, ferns and foliage.

All my favourite things

Lately, some of the elements I love working with include: chocolate lace, purple acacia, snowberries, pink astilbe, miscanthus grass, oak leaves, silver dollar eucalyptus, purple smokebush and red kangaroo paws.

Chocolate Lace

Oak leaves

Miscanthus grass

Purple smokebush

And when Barb from French Kiss Events recently asked me about my favourite flower of the moment, I said “Does foliage count? Because I am in love with Plumosa Fern.”

Plumosa Fern

Plumosa is actually not a true fern – it belongs to the same family as lilies and garlic and can be toxic for pets. This fern has a delicate, feathery texture, and if you were around in the 80s, you likely saw a lot of it paired with red roses and baby’s breath. However, I want to advocate for the comeback of the Plumosa Fern as a soft, textured final touch to the look and feel of any warm fall-inspired wedding or event.


Plumosa fern as a final touch to the table

Mother's Day Tea Invite

On a spring day in May, Barb from French Kiss Events and Kim from Kim Kalyn Photography and I got together at Nourish Bistro to create a Mother’s Day tea party based on the inspiration from one of Barb’s favourite books, The Secret Garden.

Here is my theory on photoshoots: go all out. I mean spend a lot of money on product so it is worthwhile. We did exactly that for this Mother’s Day Tea and created floral crowns, table centrepieces, a floral curtain with carnations, floral embellishments for the cake and I used a ridiculous amount of my favourite spring flowers.

One of the greatest things about doing this photoshoot was that I got to work with all the best of the spring flowers: tulips, peonies, ranunculus, garden roses and lilies. These are all the flowers my brides want in the summer but are often not available in the summer.

One of Everything Please!
One of my most important relationships is with my best friend-wholesaler Ryan at Mt. Newton Floral Wholesale. I had so much fun with this shoot because Ryan found a new garden rose supplier from California and I basically opened the catalogue and ordered one of everything. I was thrilled to work with new product and new people.

Photoshoots can be time consuming and expensive, and if you are going to do them, in my opinion, do them well. And this one turned out amazing. September 4, 2013 update: the shoot was recently featured on the blog On to Baby. Check it out for more floral inspiration.



I used Rice flower for added texture in the floral crowns, cake and many of the arrangements.