This wedding was absolutely incredible for us for so many reasons, not only did we love this couple, but they trusted us to do whatever we wanted within their colour palette, which is every florist’s dream come true. This was also the first wedding where we got use some product from the lovely girls at Meadowsweet Farm on Saltspring Island. Molly and Claire are vegetable farmers and have just started growing flowers as well, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about them because their product is divine. It gives all our designs that gorgeous romantic garden look that we have been itching to incorporate into our work. The results were overflowing, romantic English-inspired designs. And we’re thrilled to see that Swooned Magazine recently featured this beautiful wedding!

Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0074Transporting the ceremony pieces to the site–our amazing Cara is in there somewhere…Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0075 Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0042The ceremony spot was on this breathtaking terrace in Glendale Gardens, at the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific–103 acres of public demonstration gardens and conservation land. It’s not only beautiful, but a great central location for a Victoria wedding–it’s located just between West Saanich and Interurban. The reception was in the Gardens’ brand new, gorgeous Couvelier Pavilion.

Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0044Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0080Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0040Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0096Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0100Ribbon, ribbon and more romantic, flowing ribbon.    Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0043Does it look like she just scooped up a beautiful bounty from an English garden, or what?Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0084Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0066Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0061

We got to use raspberry foliage for the first time (Vanessa has been wanting to use it for years)!

Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0052Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0082Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0062Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0060Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0058Hoticultural_center_of_the_pacific_0105The beautiful photography is by Jesse Holland.

There was so much loveliness involved in this wedding. It started of course with the bride and groom. Jen and Eric were high school sweethearts and some of the nicest people. Jen is a gardener so we had the oppurtunity to incorporate lots of different elements into the designs. The best part was this little tiny green bean attached to some of the vine tendrils incorporated into Jen’s bouquet.

The inspiration point was the use of sunflowers with the petals removed. This added a fabulous texture and depth to all the arrangements and the bouquets.

The bridesmaids bouquets were a beautiful combination of white’s, cream’s and deep sunflower centres.

Centrepieces were a whimsical and rustic combination of so many elements, they were the best of fall! Jesse Holland was the photographer for this wedding, and we were thrilled to have a visit from her on Friday while the chaos that is the “day before” ensued. A behind the scenes peek at how it all comes together. Her pictures are going to be incredible, so stay tuned…. For now back to the centrepieces.

The guy’s flowers often get forgotten in these blogs of mine, so for all those grooms I have neglected over the season here is Eric’s bout in all it’s beautiful garden rose glory!